Frequently Asked Questions

about Electric Cookers


Why is my oven/grill not operating?
Is there any power to the oven? - Check the socket for power and check for a tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse.
Is it because of the digital clock settings? - If the digital clock is flashing and showing 3 zeroes, the power supply to the oven has been interrupted and the clock must be reset.
Is it because of the timer settings? - If the timer has been set the oven display will show "AUTO". To operate the oven in manual mode without using the timer, the "auto" indicator must be deactivated, please consult your user manual for instructions.

My oven is not cooking evenly
Incorrect shelf positions - make sure you use the correct temperatures and the shelf positions are correct.
If the appliance is not level it can cause uneven cooking. Using a Level, adjust the feet of your appliance to ensure it is level.
After years of use, the temperature in an older oven has a tendency to get hotter. When you begin using your new oven, which comes calibrated correctly, you may find yourself frustrated with the amount of time food takes to cook.

Poor circulation in your oven can cause uneven cooking. You can avoid this problem by not crowding the oven racks with pans. Leaving a sufficient amount of space between baking pans while cooking allows your oven to heat properly. While covering the oven bottom or a rack with aluminum foil makes for a quick clean-up, it can drastically effect the air circulation and the general baking results of the appliance.

The finishing on a pan used in your oven influences the cooking times of your food. When you bake with a darker pan, you must take into account that they absorb heat, which produces a darker browning. A shiny pan reflects heat, so you are left with a lighter browning. When you use a darker pan or a glass pan, it is recommended you reduce your baking temperature.

Why does my oven smoke when I turn the grill on?
This is normally caused by fat deposited onto the grill element when fatty foods such as a roast are cooked in the oven. This means that when the grill is turned on the fat will burn off. If your oven has closed door grilling, leave the oven door closed during the grill warm-up (for 5 - 10 minutes) which should dissipate most of the smoke.

Door Leaking Water
If your appliance is leaking water from the door, this is most likely due to the cooker leaning forward.
To resolve this, adjust the front feet of your appliance to raise the front of the appliance 2-3mm.

Cooker is Wobbly
If your appliance is wobbly then adjust the feet of your appliance.

No light in the oven
Blown bulb - replace the oven light bulb. Check your user manual for replacement bulb details and instructions on how to change the bulb.

What is the best way to clean my stainless oven exterior?
The Stainless-steel exterior of your oven is best cleaned with an "E-Cloth" (micro-fibre textured cloth) and water. Spray the surface of the stainless steel with water (use a plant-mister) and wipe surface with E-Cloth in the same direction as the grain of the steel. Never use aggressive cleaners or solvents otherwise you may damage the surface.

I have just installed a new oven and switched it on for the first time, there is a nasty smell coming from the oven, what is it?
We recommend that before using the oven for the first time, clean the interior of the oven thoroughly with liquid detergent and lukewarm water. Wipe off, then heat the oven to maximum and leave on for 20 minutes. This will ensure that residual oil and grease used in the manufacturing process is burned off and the oven will not give off unpleasant smells.